Love this reflection on a young Christian singer who has multiple diagnoses. Thanks, Rosie!

Rosie's Writings

Do you remember that question they asked in elementary school? You know the one: “Who’s your hero?” Well, the good Christian kid probably shouts, “Jesus!” but if we are relegated to people who are not God, it gets a little harder. As a kid, I would probably go with Laura Ingalls Wilder. If you asked me today, I’ve got a few lined up, from people I know in real life to celebrities (they’re celebrities in my mind, anyway) I’ve never met.

I’ve got to say, though, one of my favorite people on the planet (even if I’ve never met her) is Jamie Grace. If you don’t know who she is, she’s a fantastic Christian singer. (Her song Every Bit of Lovely is literally the story of my life. . . .)

She’s made me feel a whole lot better about being single. She’s twenty-three and proud to be a single…

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