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Steve Rose, an academic sociologist trained in Canada, has focused much of his study on veteran suicide. Check out his intelligent reflections on faith and mental health among our warriors:

Is War a Spiritual Experience? “…expecting a veteran to ‘adjust’ to civilian life, is akin to asking Saint John of the Cross to be happy flipping burgers at McDonald’s …”

How Veterans Experience Anomie “…you’re used to doing things that mattered, and suddenly your life is simply digesting bullshit and consuming instead…” 

Losing God in War “The military is very good at teaching us how to fight and survive in war zones but, they have not taught us to survive what we saw and did in those war zones…”

Finding God Amidst War  “In the all-consuming quiet, he is confronted with his own emptiness, his own spiritual poverty. He is forced to confront those inner recesses of the soul that crave the bread of heaven and the water of life …”