Soteria‘ is a Greek word for deliverance or salvation (rescue) that many of us know from the New Testament. It popped up in my feed this week as the name of a non-religious mental health nonprofit in Hungary.

Soteria Shelter takes the perspective that life difficulties happen to everyone, and all people in difficulty deserve kind, generous help.Dániel Ács writes:

We are together in order to help the people in crisis by means of our presence. Our ethical motto is: “It can happen to you, too.” This change of aspect puts our thinking in a new light: What if we were to get into trouble? How would we feel? Who or what would be good for us?

This makes Soteria Shelter an embracing community, in the tradition of what we best desire our congregations to be. Read more about this project and imagine how the people of your church could become a true place of soteria for those in emotional crisis.