Mental Health Ministries

The links below connect to denominational mental health ministries, faith-based mental health organizations, or faith-based standards of care.


Anabaptist Disabilities Network  In the US, some of the earliest Protestant work in support of those with mental illnesses occurred in the Anabaptist and Mennonite communities.

Chicago Catholic Archdiocese, Commission on Mental Illness and Faith and Fellowship for People with Mental Illness

Congregational Mental Health Ministry Resources

Council on Mental Illness of the National Catholic Partnership on Disability (NCPD)

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Lutheran Congregational Accessibility Network

Mennonite Media

Presbyterian Church Serious Mental Illness Network

The Episcopal Mental Illness Network

United Church of Christ Mental Illness Network

Unitarian Universalist Mental Health Caucus of EqUUal Access

United Methodist Church


Fresh Hope for Mental Health – Of the faith-based resources, the only one peer-founded and peer-led by design.

Interfaith Dialogue on Suicide Prevention

NAMI FaithNet 

Mental Health America

Mental Health Grace Alliance

Mental Health Ministries

Mental Health4Muslims

Pathways to Promise

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